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Facing a divorce…..stop, take a deep breath and contact a Divorce Lawyer Anderson SC

divorce lawyer anderson scAs a Divorce Lawyer Anderson SC, I see it all the time…a shocked husband or wife has just been told by his or her spouse that they want a divorce.  When the spouse seeking the divorce tells the shocked husband or wife that they want a divorce, they give that spouse a separation agreement prepared by their divorce lawyer.  The spouse seeking the divorce tells the shocked spouse  how nice it would be if they could work things out without going to court.  Or, the spouse seeking divorce threatens the shocked spouse with requests for a lot of child support, spousal support, or both.  The spouse seeking the divorce may threaten the shocked spouse that he or she might not get to see the kids as much as he or she would like.  The shocked husband or wife is susceptible to the ideas…the terms of the agreement don’t look too bad…there is language in the agreement about how the parties are going to cooperate concerning the raising of the children and that they are going to have “reasonable visitation with the children as agreed to by the parties”.  The child support looks about right.  The shocked spouse thinks they can afford it.  Talking to a divorce lawyer Anderson SC  is too expensive anyway.  The shocked spouse…..

Should stop…

take a deep breath…

and talk to a Divorce Lawyer Anderson SCDunaway Law Office can be reached at 864-224-1144.

divorce lawyer anderson scThe child support in the agreement may not be justified by South Carolina’s child support guideline.  There could be many things wrong with the agreement that the shocked spouse won’t discover until it is too late.  These are a few reason why your need to see counsel from a divorce lawyer Anderson SC.

You can still settle a divorce case in Anderson SC without a great deal of expense and fighting, but first, talk to a divorce lawyer Anderson SC.  Let the lawyer do his or her due diligence and then settle…when the shock has worn off and you are in a better place.  Settle when you have a better idea about what may really be going on in the marriage.  Looking back on it, there might have been some signs of adultery.  The spouse seeking the divorce might have hidden income or financial assets.  Settle when you know how much you really have to pay in child support and whether or not you might be liable for spousal support.  Settle when you know whether or not you are liable to pay college expenses in South Carolina.  These are things that an experienced divorce lawyer Anderson SC can help you with.

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